What Are Health Professions Student Loans?

While many student loans are open-ended for a variety of degrees, there are some student loans that are geared toward students going into specific industries, including health care. Health professions student loans are loans offered by the Health Resources and Services Administration, and they come with unique benefits like subsidized interest and longer grace periods. … Read more

Rising inflation adds pain to student loan debt

Student loan borrowers will face a serious squeeze this spring when a federal moratorium on their debt payments expires amid surging inflation. Tens of millions of Americans are bracing to resume paying their student loans for the first time since March 2020, after the fastest annual rise in consumer prices since 1982. The costs of … Read more

Test Your Knowledge Of Student Loans

Student loans are available only to people 30 and under. N “,” explanation “:” There u2019s no age limit. In fact, people over 50 account for about 20 percent of all student loans. “,” Hint “:” “,” answers “: {” answer0 “: {” isRight “:” wrong “,” answerText “:” Yes “},” answer1 “: {” isRight … Read more

Biden’s student-loan relief is un-‘forgive’-able

Rumblings that the Biden administration plans to “forgive” some student-loan debt for potentially millions of upper-class people earning up to $ 125,000 a year does not sit well with many Americans. It will drive up inflation and create an unfair subsidy from the working class to the most educated people, many on track to earn … Read more

This is how student loan debt became a $ 1.7 trillion crisis

For decades now, the country’s outstanding student loan debt balance has only trended in one direction: Up. Today, around 44 million Americans owe a combined $ 1.7 trillion for their education. But it did not have to be this way. Legislation like the GI Bill, the National Defense Education Act, and the Higher Education Act … Read more

Navient cancels $ 1.7 billion in student loans following settlement

article FILE- Photo illustration, the Navient Corporation logo. BOSTON – Navient, a major student loan collecting company, agreed to cancel $ 1.7 billion in debt owed by more than 66,000 borrowers across the US and pay over $ 140 million in other penalties to settle claims of abusive lending practices. The settlement with 39 state … Read more