Commissioner Yilan Lin is shouting foul

  • By Jason Pan / Staff reporter

Yilan County Commissioner Yilan Lin Zi-miao (林姿 妙) yesterday complained of political persecution, while critics urged her to clear up allegations of illegal financial transactions.

New revelations came to light in a corruption probe into Lin and several Yilan County officials. Investigators have identified about $ 100 million ($ 3.43 million) in money transfers to Lin and her family over the past two decades from former Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) lawmaker Yang Chi-hsiung (.).

Investigators said the money went to Lynn’s two bank accounts, but she did not declare the money as assets, as required by law for elected government officials, a report by the Liberty Times yesterday said.

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Gilan prosecutors launched a corruption probe in January, raiding and gathering evidence. During the interrogation, Yang denied any wrongdoing, saying the money transfers were loans to Lin and did not violate any law.

The “loans” involved more than 100 money transfers over a period of 20 years for a total of NT $ 100 million.

Prosecutors allege bribery or illegal political contributions to Yang and his business associates to buy political influence or secure public procurement, earning kickbacks or other financial gain, as Lynn was elected Yilan County Commissioner in 2018, placing head of county finances and budgeting and overseeing many construction projects.

Prior to serving as commissioner, Lin, who represented the KMT, was mayor of Luodong (羅 東) and a councilor in Yilan County.

Prosecutors said there were many questionable aspects to the cash flow and may have included real estate and other assets, as Yang and Lin are the heads of two top political families with large corporate holdings.

The investigation has so far revealed complex financial transactions and overlapping commercial interests of the Yang and Lin families, including Yang, who serves as an associate and board member of Yi Hsing Mining Co., owned by Lin’s daughter.

Yilan residents have filed complaints against the company for forced land grabbing, illegal logging and logging in protected forests, resulting in sudden floods and property damage in downstream areas.

Lynn denied in a press conference yesterday that she had received $ 100 million from Yang, calling the allegation political persecution.

Yilan’s prosecutors said in a press release that the case was under investigation and the public should refrain from speculation.

Prosecutors working with the Anti-Corruption Agency said Lynn and more than 30 government officials and contractors had been summoned for questioning and could be charged with corruption, bribery, money laundering and other offenses related to forgery, fraud and fraud. personal assets of unknown origin and financial irregularities related to public works.

One of the projects is the NT $ 105 billion, 105-hectare economic renewal project in Luodong, with land appropriation and relocation by county government suspected of illegally profiting landowners and government officials.

Yang is also said to be a partner of Po Kang Co. based in Luodong, a Lin family-run business offering training and education programs, and other technology companies that have benefited from public works tendered by the Yilan County government.

Chiang Tsung-yuan (江聰淵), a member of the Democratic Progressive Party’s Yilan branch, said the $ 100 million is a large sum of money, so Lin needs to tell the public where it came from and what it was spent on.

The public would like to know if the money was spent for personal use, campaign expenses or to reap more political and business benefits, Chiang said.

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