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SALT Lake City, Utah, United States, March 30, 2022 / –, the destination for the hardest working Americans ™ to navigate the complex world of personal finance, is excited to announce a new partnership with LOQBOX. It is the latest in our growing range of offers to help our consumers get unparalleled credit coverage.

LOQBOX is a unique credit history creation product that will be offered through the Build It function of ExtraCredit, offering secure credit creation loans with 0% APR, without security deposits or annual charges.

How LOQBOX Save works
By subscribing to LOQBOX Save, customers decide the amount they can afford to save in one year, from $ 240 to $ 2,400. A 0% loan for the same amount is locked into a LOQBOX digital savings account and is held as collateral for the loan. They repay the loan in 12 months, building their credit score with their credit bureaus and savings as they move forward. Once the 12 months have elapsed, the full value of the LOQBOX digital savings voucher, equal to the sum of the payments made, is released to a new bank account.

It’s a great way to save money and gain control of your money while creating a better credit profile. And he continues to do ExtraCredit® a simpler route for consumers to work to control their credit and improve their financial knowledge. is excited to add another great product to its lineup through Build It. We will continue to find the best, most competitive offers in the market and extend them to our consumers so that they can take substantial action to work towards economic stability.

Most people lose the life they could. This is wrong. And we are here to do something about it. LOQBOX gives everyone access to a richer life. The money application gives us the tools and support to have a better chance of being happier – personally and financially. Better or happier? With LOQBOX, you can choose both. LOQBOX is an award-winning company that has already helped nearly a million people make a richer life by earning money, boosting their savings and improving their credit score with the top three credit reporting companies. LOQBOX gives everyone a chance for a richer life.

LOQBOX is managed by CEOs and co-founders Tom Eyre and Gregor Mowat. Tom has over a decade of experience in personal financial services. In 2012, when his little sister refused to buy a sofa, frustration with the rigidity of the financial system prompted him to start creating solutions to help people improve their financial knowledge, build their economies and strengthen their their credit history. A former collaborator with the global auditing and consulting firm KPMG, Gregor has seen first hand how many people around the world can not live their best financial lives due to lack of tools and support, making him determined to do something about it. this. . Both Tom and Gregor regularly engage in conversations with commentators, governments, and regulators. They have been featured in national, commercial and local press and provide expert feedback on financing, credit and lending. To learn more about LOQBOX and how it is offered in the US, Click here.

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