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Kikoff is a San Francisco-based lender founded in 2019. It provides an easily accessible credit line to consumers who want to build a stronger credit history and improve their rating.

Consumers have access to a credit line of up to $ 500 to purchase items at the Kikoff Online Store. They pay the loan in small increments, while Kikoff mentions the loan and the payments in two of the three credit reporting offices.

The best features

  • Kikoff payments are designed to be minimal.
  • No interest is charged on the line of credit and there are no commissions related to it.
  • No credit check required to start a Kikoff account.


  • Kikoff credit is only available for use at the company’s store, which features e-books and e-finance courses.
  • Kikoff is not listed on TransUnion, one of the three credit bureaus.

What can a Kikoff credit account be used for?

The money you borrow from Kikoff you can buy items in the company’s online store. However, Kikoff’s point is not to spend most of his $ 500 line of credit.

Kikoff is set to instantly improve your credit score. The Kikoff payment plan will help you create a credit history. Items for sale in the store only cost $ 10 to $ 20, so you will use a small amount of the $ 500 credit line. This low credit rating It also improves your credit score.

How does a Kikoff credit account work?

First, sign up for Kikoff and access the $ 500 credit line. Then buy an item from the Kikoff store on credit. After making a purchase, Kikoff sets up a minimum payment schedule and offers you the opportunity to activate automatic payment. The company will notify two of the three credit bureaus (Equifax and Experian) of your loan and report your payment history.

Because Kikoff does not charge commissions or interest on your credit line, there is no reason to repay your loan early. Expanding payments makes them affordable and helps increase the age of your account. Once you have repaid your first purchase, make another one on credit and start the process again.

Payment history, credit usage index and credit account age are all your details credit score that the Kikoff credit line can contribute to improvement.

What are Kikoff’s terms, fees and conditions?

There is no interest in the Kikoff line of credit, which may remain open indefinitely. The minimum payment is $ 2 or 10% of your loan balance – whichever is lower.

How do you qualify for a Kikoff line of credit?

There are no minimum qualifications for the Kikoff credit line – you get instant approval.

What credit rating do you need for a Kikoff credit line?

You do not need a credit score to successfully apply for a Kikoff credit line and your credit will not be checked when you apply.

Where does Kikoff operate?

Kikoff is available in all states except Delaware, Indiana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island and South Dakota.

Is Kikoff credible?

Kikoff is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an F rating. Kikoff has a 3.2 (out of five) rating on Trustpilot. The Office of Consumer Financial Protection received a complaint about Kikoff in 2020 and the company responded promptly.

How is Kikoff’s customer service?

You can contact Kikoff through the application or portal, which requires a connection. There is no customer service email or phone number on Kikoff’s website. Some customers have complained that it is difficult to contact the company for troubleshooting.

What are some of Kikoff’s online features?

Kikoff offers instant online approval for its credit line. Buy the Kikoff Store and track your payments through the Kikoff app.

Kikoff credit accounts are the best for:

  • People who do not have credit and want to create a credit history.
  • People who do not want to use a credit line or a secured credit card to build credit.
  • People who have damaged their credit score and want to improve it right away.

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