Marco Rubio highlights COVID response to Anti-Val Demings ad

  • A Rubio campaign ad criticizes Demings for talking about his place on Biden’s list of vice presidents as the pandemic struck.
  • The ad aims to contrast her interviews with Rubio’s work in a small business work program.
  • Rubio is running for a third term in the US Senate to represent the Florida battlefield.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Marco Rubio telegraphs what he sees as one of his biggest political gains in Florida against lawmaker Val Demings, a potential Democratic challenger to what could become one of the more expensive U.S. Senate Games in History.

Rubio’s latest offensive strategy as he seeks re-election on the battlefield state is to advertise the work of the $ 800 billion co-author of the Payroll Protection Program, a coronation rescue measure that allowed small businesses to borrow. government to keep workers in payroll.

In a digital ad released Monday, Rubio’s campaign contrasts the senator’s work on the PPP in March 2020, in the early days of the pandemic, with interviews Demings conducted around the same time. In them, he was asked about the possibility that the then Democratic candidate for the presidency Joe Biden would choose her as his candidate for vice president.

“While Val was focusing on politics, Marco got a job,” says the ad, which was called “The Choice is Clear” and is available exclusively to Insider.

It concludes with a voice from Demmings saying, “I would be honored to serve alongside Joe Biden.”

“Val Demings was more interested in auditioning for Joe Biden’s candidacy than helping the people of Florida in an unprecedented pandemic,” Elizabeth Gregory, a spokeswoman for the Senate, told Insider. “The contrast could not be clearer: Marco Rubio brings results and Val Demings plays party politics.”

In 2020, Demings was widely regarded as one of Biden’s list of candidates for vice president, a role that eventually went to the then Senator. Kamala Harris, Democratic Republic of California.

Demings passed all COVID bailout bills involving PPP but Rubio voted against Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion aid package for the coronavirus in 2021, although it added more funds to the small business loan program. All Republicans in Congress voted against the $ 1.9 trillion incentive, warning that it would lead to inflation and above all save the blue states.

Today, most states are flooded with cash and inflation has reached a High 40 years olda trend that economists attribute to many factors. Yetthe unemployment rate continued to fall and wages rose.

Demeters’s campaign spokesman, Christian Slater, described Rubio’s campaign ad as a “desperate attack”.

“The truth is that Marco Rubio sided with his party bosses against the day-to-day residents of Florida and fought against critical support for working-class families in Florida during COVID-19,” Slater said.

The initial advertising market is a modest four-figure amount, but the campaign expects to spend more on advertising the topic as the race heats up. In December 2021, the Rubio campaign spent about $ 623,000 on digital fundraising and consulting through GOP Targeted Victory, according to the records of the Federal Election Commission.

Rubio led the PPP order as chairman of the Small Business Committee. In Florida, the program saved 3.3 million jobs by the end of 2020, according to the Miami Herald. Adding funding that ended in 2021, it supported a total of 6.1 million jobs, according to newsletter from Rubio’s office.

The SBA ran the program and had some problems with fraud is currently being investigated by federal oversight services. It also had a difficult initial development as the SBA built the infrastructure.

Rubio’s advertisement comes as Biden’s popularity has shrunk. The Florida Senate race is a handful of intense races that could determine which party controls the Senate – and with it, Biden’s agenda.

Val Demings

A spokesman for Val Demings, Florida, spoke ahead of the presentation of then-Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, during a rally in Orlando, Florida on October 19, 2020.

Photo by Octavio Jones / Getty Images

The Florida race is expected to be tight

Demings was the director of referral to former President Donald Trump’s first trial in the Senate and has been in Parliament since 2017, representing a district that includes Orlando. Demings has been in law enforcement for 27 years, including being the first female Orlando police chief.

Biden promised in the Democratic primary in 2020 that he would choose a woman as his candidate. Demings appeared open for the possibility of media interviews, saying in WKMG News 6 that he was not looking for any position, but “if asked, I would consider it an honor to be asked and to serve my country in such a special way.”

The Democratic primary in Florida is on Aug. 23, and Demings quickly became the frontrunner for the nomination, as evidenced by her ability to raise funds. In the first three months of 2022, it raised $ 10 million largely through online donations.

Funding figures for Rubio’s first quarter have not yet been released, but in the last three months of 2021 Demings raised $ 7.2 million, compared to Rubio’s $ 5.2 million. February vote from the University of North Florida shows that Rubio prefers to win his re-election.

One of the biggest attacks of the Demings campaign against Rubio has also taken shape in recent weeks. Her team has been attacked Rubio for skipping some committee meetings, including appearing on television several times during auditions. Rubio said his program, including that of the co-chair of the powerful Intelligence Committee, did not allow him to attend every hearing.

Omission of hearings is not necessarily uncommon, as many can occur at the same time, but it is a line of attack that Rubio has faced in the past after the absence of votes, including during his presidential campaign in 2016.

Demings did not attend the House Homeland Security Committee on March 5 hearing on the response to the coronavirus, but Daniel Glick, a spokesman for her office in Congress, said she was on the House Standing Intelligence Committee at the time.

“Representative Demings is working hard to oversee all of her committee’s responsibilities,” she said. “Sometimes he has conflicting official jobs.”

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