Moneylion Credit Builder loan review

Have you ever wondered: What is MoneyLion? Loan service OVERVIEW. In this way, MoneyLion is a platform used by those who want to apply for a loan to build a base for their credit. However, it should be borne in mind that the loan amount is not excessive.

In this article, then, we will tell you what MoneyLion is? Overview of loan service. We will also explain the advantages of this platform and how the loan application process is, do not forget to share this information. Even so for some people Moneylion does not work, if this applies to you, you can check similar applications such as Moneylion.

What is MoneyLion?

MoneyLion is a financial services company founded in 2013. This company operates through an association, offering its subsidiaries a range of online banking services, rewards and cash back, US lending and more.

Anyone who wants to create one MoneyLion the account can do it without problems. You can also do this for free. You will be able to access a zero interest rate checking account as well as an investment account.

It will also help you build your credit by paying on a monthly basis. However, you will not immediately receive 100% of the loan proceeds as the balance is deposited in an interest-bearing savings account.

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MoneyLion reports payments to the three major consumer credit bureaus without the need for complex credit research. However, it offers only small loan amounts and the loan proceeds can go into a reserve account until you skip the loan.

The main advantage that MoneyLion offers is that the loans it provides to the users will allow them to gradually build their credit, which is why they are considered “perfect”. If your company approves for Credit Builder Plus subscriptionYou can apply for a loan to start earning points at the top agencies in the country.

It should be noted that the type of loan will depend on the evaluation of your finances by MoneyLion as well as on the management of the linked current account. MoneyLion generally reports its payments to the three largest credit bureaus in the United States, TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

It is important to keep in mind that depending on the situation you are in, the team will probably ask you to deposit a portion of the loan money into a reserve account that you will not be able to reach until you have paid the full amount.

Another advantage of MoneyLion is that you will have instant access to or ALMOST an $ 1,000 loan to start building your financial life. In addition, the funds you deposit in the reserve account will earn interest until the loan is repaid in full, which is a charge.

It should be noted that you will not be able to access a MoneyLion loan if you do not pre-register. Remember that you need an affiliate checking account and one that the platform will offer you to apply for your loans and enjoy all the services.


As mentioned earlier, with MoneyLion, you can apply for loans of up to $ 1000, which can be a great financial help for some people. However, we must not forget that there are some basic details you need to know about MoneyLion loans:

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  1. You will not be penalized for prepayments. You can repay your entire MoneyLion loan in advance without the need for fines or penalties.
  2. Postponement option. If you need to defer payment for any reason, MoneyLion will let you wait as long as you request in advance.
  3. You can track your credit for free. MoneyLion will offer you the option to track your credit for free through an alliance it has established with TransUnion. This will allow you to access your entire credit report.
  4. Additional benefits. You will be able to access your MoneyLion bank account. This account is not subject to any charges or commissions. In addition, you can receive refunds when shopping at participating stores.
  5. Scheduled payments. You will be able to tell MoneyLion what your payment plan will be once you sign up for a Credit Builder Plus subscription. Membership and loan payments will be set according to this schedule.

Who Can Get MoneyLion Loans?

As already mentioned, MoneyLion does not perform credit checks when registering for a subscription. Therefore, it ends up being a perfect choice for anyone who has a good credit score or, conversely, does not have a credit history.

Most people tend to have a particular hassle because they do not have a good credit history. Therefore, they have problems with applying for any card or loan in traditional and even electronic banking.

What does this mean? That all people who want to use MoneyLion can do it without any hassle. In short, anyone can benefit from the services of this free platform.

MoneyLion will not give you a large amount of money as a loan. Therefore, the loan amounts on this platform are usually quite conservative and some of them have to be deposited in a reserve account until you pay the full amount you requested.

What can not be disputed is that these loans will help you create credits to the country’s primary institutions. With this, you can improve your financial prospects. You can choose to repay the loans in advance to take advantage of an interest-free loan.

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