Research: Rating Action: Moody’s upgrades four installments of 2021 CarMax ABS basic car loan

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Moody’s Investors Service, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation (“MCO”), reveals that most issuers of securities (including corporate and municipal bonds, securities, banknotes and securities) by Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. have agreed, before assigning any credit rating, to pay Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. for views on credit ratings and services provided by it charges ranging from $ 1,000 to approximately $ 5,000,000. Moody’s MCO and Moody’s Investors Service also maintain policies and procedures to address the independence of Moody’s Investors Service’s credit rating and credit rating procedures. Information on certain partnerships that may exist between MCO executives and rated entities, as well as between entities that hold credit ratings by Moody’s Investors Service and have also publicly reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission a MCO ownership of more than 5%, is published annually. at www. under the heading “Investor Relations – Corporate Governance – Director and Shareholder Solidarity Policy”.

Additional terms for Australia only: Any publication in Australia of this document is in accordance with the Australian Financial Services License of MOODY’S, Moody’s Investors Service Pty Limited ABN 61 003 399 657AFSL 336969 and / or Moody AB and 500 Ltd. 383569 (as in force). This document is intended for “wholesale” customers only within the meaning of Section 761G of the Partnership Act 2001. By continuing to access this document from Australia, you declare to MOODY’S that you represent or have access to the document as a representative of a “wholesale customer” and that neither you nor the entity you represent will directly or indirectly distribute this document or its contents to “retail customers” within the meaning of section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001. MOODY’s credit rating is an opinion in terms of the issuer’s creditworthiness, not for the issuer’s equity securities or any form of securities available to private investors.

Additional terms for Japan only: Moody’s Japan KK (“MJKK”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Moody’s Group Japan GK, wholly owned by Moody’s Overseas Holdings Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MCO. Moody’s SF Japan KK (“MSFJ”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of MJKK. The MSFJ is not a Nationally Recognized Statistical Evaluation Agency (“NRSRO”). Therefore, credit ratings assigned by MSFJ are non-NRSRO credit ratings. Non-NRSRO credit ratings are assigned by a non-NRSRO entity and, as a result, the rating obligation does not qualify for certain types of treatment under US law. MJKK and MSFJ are credit rating agencies registered with the Japanese Financial Services Authority and their registration numbers are FSA Commissioner (Ratings) No. 2 and 3 respectively.

MJKK or MSFJ (as appropriate) disclose that most issuers of bonds (including corporate and municipal bonds, bonds, banknotes and commercial securities) and preferred stock rated by MJKK or MSFJ (where applicable) have, agreed to pay MJKK or MSFJ (as appropriate) for credit rating opinions and services provided by it for charges ranging from JPY 100,000 to approximately JPY 550,000,000.

MJKK and MSFJ also maintain policies and procedures to address Japanese regulatory requirements.


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