How You Can Use Home Equity to Buy Another House | Mortgages and Advice

American homeowners were sitting on a record $ 9.9 trillion in so-called “tappable equity” at the end of 2021 following a boom in housing prices last year, according to data firm Black Knight. All that equity represents an enormous pool of cash that homeowners can turn to if they plan to purchase a new property. … Read more

Lendgo Review 2022: How Does This Free Service Stack Up?

GOBankingRates Score Quick Take: Lendgo is a new-home mortgage, refinancing and VA loan aggregate service. Applicants fill out an online questionnaire regarding the type of loan they’re looking for and lenders compete for their business. The platform is easy to use, and borrowers enjoy competitive interest rates. Applicants do not pay fees to use Lendgo. … Read more

Company Finds Over $ 1 Billion In Car Loan Fraud During Pandemic

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty) (Getty Images) We’ve been banging on about dangerous auto loans for years, but now there’s a new stat to add to the teetering tower of potentially economy-ruining loans: A fraud detection company used algorithms to spot fraud in car loans to the tune of $ 1 billion in just under a … Read more

Think Twice About Borrowing From Retirement Funds

iStock / Getty Images Life can be full of financial surprises. Imagine that you’ve been told that both your furnace and roof need replacing, and your car requires expensive repairs. On top of that, your spouse has stopped working due to illness, and the medical bills continue to mount. Unfortunately, you’ve already drained your small … Read more

Who qualifies for $ 17B in student loan forgiveness Biden has approved so far? | WJHL

(NEXSTAR) – While running for office, President Joe Biden expressed support for federal student loan forgiveness of $ 10,000 per borrower. Just over a year into his presidency, Biden has yet to make any widespread student debt cancelation. The administration has, however, canceled more than $ 17 billion in debt for some 725,000 borrowers for … Read more

BSP-Banks Maintain Lending Standards in Q1 2022

Results of the Q1 2022 Senior Bank Loan Officers’ Survey (SLOS) continued to indicate that a large proportion of bank respondents maintained their overall lending standards for loans to businesses and households based on the modal approach.1. Meanwhile, the diffusion index (DI) approach2,3 pointed to mixed results given that credit standards for enterprises generally showed … Read more

Mortgage lending drops by a third, customers fear loan rejection as banks enforce CCCFA rules

Rupert Gough, founder of Mortgage Lab, discusses stricter lending laws. Video / NZ Herald New home mortgages have fallen by a third, and a $ 750,000 one-year loan costs about $ 160 a week more than a year ago. Half loans inside New Zealand has been fixed and is about to be converted within the … Read more

How To Build Your Credit Without A Credit Card

Photo: Africa Studio (Shutterstock) It’s very good to prefer “buy now, pay laterCredit card payments or just avoid the plastic debt trap altogether. The only problem is that without credit cards, it is more difficult generate your credit scoremeans you will have a harder time qualifying one loan. Fortunately, there are ways to build your … Read more

What Is A Credit Mortgage?

Creating a credit history is not as simple as securing a contract loan and repaying it. Sometimes it is difficult for consumers – such as newly divorced, recent graduates or new immigrants – to have enough credit to get a loan or open a credit card. Crediting loans can be an ideal way for someone … Read more