Selling Investments To Pay Off Debt

Select’s editorial team works independently to review financial products and write articles we think our readers will find useful. We earn a commission from affiliate partners on many offers, but not all offers on Select are from affiliate partners. Here’s a realistic personal finance conundrum: You have nagging debt collecting that you just can not … Read more

Best Financial Advice From Mom | Investing News

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Can you guess who kids turn to first for money advice? Parents – and it is not particularly close. Even though friends, siblings and social media may all be in kids’ ears these days, parents are the top source of financial advice for 83% of children from ages 8-10, according to … Read more

This is how student loan debt became a $ 1.7 trillion crisis

For decades now, the country’s outstanding student loan debt balance has only trended in one direction: Up. Today, around 44 million Americans owe a combined $ 1.7 trillion for their education. But it did not have to be this way. Legislation like the GI Bill, the National Defense Education Act, and the Higher Education Act … Read more

‘She has no ambition’: I’m 41, and make $ 100,000. I’m buying a home before getting married. My fiancée earns $ 50,000 and has $ 20,000 in student debt. What’s a fair prenup?

I have been in my current relationship for almost three years. I’m a young woman, 41, have a great, stable career and make about $ 100,000 a year. I am ambitious and my prospects have me increasing my income by $ 10,000 every year. I have about $ 140,000 in savings, and no debt. I … Read more

Interest-Rate Surge Ripples Through Economy, From Homes to Car Loans

Just look at mortgage rates. At the beginning of 2022, the average interest rate on a 30-year mortgage hovered above 3%. Today it stands at 4.72%, according to Freddie Mac. That translates into sharply higher borrowing costs for Americans looking to buy a home — and it is only the beginning. For the better part … Read more

Why Employees Need Financial Wellness Benefits | Saving and Budgeting

When it comes to financial benefits at work, employers typically provide a 401 (k) retirement plan option – and that’s it. But both economists and human resources experts alike suggest that expanding financial wellness benefits in the workplace could be a cost-effective way to quickly address the staggering number of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, … Read more

How Higher Fed Rates Stand to Affect Americans’ Finances | Business News

By CHRISTOPHER RUGABER, AP Economics Writer WASHINGTON (AP) – Record-low mortgages below 3%, reached last year, are long gone. Credit card rates will likely rise. So will the cost of an auto loan. Savers may finally receive a yield high enough to top inflation. The substantial half-point hike in its benchmark short-term rate that the … Read more

Here’s what the Fed’s half-point rate hike means for your money

What the federal funds rate means to you The federal funds rate, which is set by the central bank, is the interest rate at which banks borrow and lend to one another overnight. Although that’s not the rate that consumers pay, the Fed’s moves still affect the borrowing and saving rates they see every day. … Read more

5-year variable-rate loans fall for third straight week

Our goal here at Credible Operations, Inc., NMLS Number 1681276, referred to as “Credible” below, is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your finances. Although we do promote products from our partner lenders, all opinions are our own. The latest trends in interest rates for student loan refinancing from the … Read more