Covid home construction costs: Australia builder Stroud adds $ 70,000 to clients’ bills

How one supermarket chain’s helping keep the cost of food down, Nadia Lim comments come back to bite and EVs, are they getting cheaper as demand rises in the latest New Zealand Herald headlines. Video / NZ Herald An Australian building company has demanded up to A $ 70,000 ($ 77,000) extra to complete customers’ … Read more

Where are inflation and growth headed? | Opinion

The most recent inflation data pointed to continued high prices, despite an announcement by the Federal Reserve of significant efforts to end inflation this year. At the same time, more than one economist suggested that we face higher recession risks this year. Both of these developments are worrying, and I think there is cause for … Read more

Vehicle shortages continue, market affects insurance premiums News

Consumers continue to pay far more than the manufacturer’s recommended retail price for new cars, and now the insurance required for their legal driving is also increasing as shortages of semiconductor chips and foreign conflicts continue. Supply chain breaks and opportunities to lock in low interest rates on car loans have created insatiable demand for … Read more

Reduction in car interest rates Business news

Kathryn Faulkner recently found herself in need of a new car. What she and many other locals did not need – especially those in underserved neighborhoods – was an aggressive interest rate on a car loan. Faulkner’s interest rate was higher than 20% and her car payment was holding her back financially. She learned that … Read more