Wolters Kluwer and Lightico Announce Collaboration As Demand for Digital Cloud Integration Launches

MINAPOLIS – (BUSINESS WIRE) –Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions and Lightico work together to harness Wolters Kluwer’s potential eOriginal a range of digital lending tools products, including eVaulting technology, to improve Lightico’s customer transactions. The alliance strengthens Lightico’s next-generation digital integration platform, which supports millions of insurance, automotive, telecommunications and financial interactions.

With the completion of in-house integration between platforms, customers using Lightico Digital Completion Cloud for end-to-end customer interactions now have access to industry-leading eVaulting capabilities, crucial to ensuring digital loan compatibility for all the parties involved in the initial transaction — and trusts the secondary market ecosystem to sell the entire loan, secure it and securitize it.

“As digital interactions in the financial services industry evolve, integrated solutions are more important than ever to ensure a smooth, easy journey for consumers and a compatible and flexible business platform,” he said. Steve Meirink, Executive Vice President and CEO of Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions. “We are excited to work with Lightico, bringing our exclusive technology that allows Digital Prototypes® in its system and provides the best eVaulting in its class in a fast and efficient digital process. “These capabilities ultimately help them better serve their lenders and customers.”

The integration allows Lightico Digital Completion Cloud users to easily and seamlessly manage valid copies of digital data, such as eContracts stored in eOriginal’s eVault special offer. Digital Completion Cloud enables B2C companies to complete processes such as the origin and service of car loans, insurance claims and opening new financial accounts in a fast and seamless way. The password-free platform, with mobile first, integrates electronic signature, document collection, identification and verification, payment and more to enable the completion of B2C interactions in an extremely convenient and efficient multipurpose channel.

“To successfully digitize your processes, speed and efficiency are just as important as the ability to store documents in a fully compatible way, so this partnership with Wolters Kluwer eOriginal is the key to further enhancing Lightico’s offer to its customers, “said Zviki Ben. Ishay, CEO and co-founder of Lightico. “In addition, this cooperation covers a critical need for many financial institutions for secondary financial market transactions.”

Lightico Digital Completion Cloud is used by leaders in banking, lending, insurance and telecommunications, including Capital One, BT, Metlife and others.

Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions is a market leader and trusted provider of risk management and regulatory compliance solutions and services to US insurance companies, banks and credit unions and securities companies. The company, which is part of Wolters Kluwer’s Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) division, helps these financial institutions effectively manage risk and compliance obligations and gain the knowledge they need to focus on better customer service and in the development of their business.

Wolters Kluwer’s GRC Division provides a range of specialist solutions to help financial institutions manage their regulatory and risk obligations. Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions’ eOriginal® The suite of digital lending solutions, for example, helps lenders digitize their transactions and features electronic signatures, authentication and an online vault. Compliance Solutions » OneSumX® for Regulatory Change Management monitors regulatory changes and organizes them to create structured value-added content through a single data stream combined with an easy-to-use software solution. Wolters Kluwer Finance, Risk & Regulatory Reporting (FRR), meanwhile, is a global market leader in providing comprehensive compliance and reporting solutions. The legal solutions of the department are the companies Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation and Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions.

About Wolters Kluwer governance, risk and compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance is a part of it Wolters Kluwer, which provides legal and banking professionals with solutions to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory and legal obligations, risk management, increased efficiency and the production of better business results. GRC offers a portfolio of technology-enabled services and solutions focused on legal entity compliance, legal operations management, banking product compliance, and banking compliance.

Wolters Kluwer (WKL) is a world leader in professional information, software solutions and healthcare services. tax and accounting; governance, risk and compliance; legal and regulatory areas. We help our customers make critical decisions on a daily basis by providing specialized solutions that combine deep knowledge of the field with specialized technology and services. Wolters Kluwer reported annual revenues of € 4.6 billion in 2021. The group serves customers in more than 180 countries, operates in more than 40 countries and employs approximately 19,800 people worldwide. The company is headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.

About Lightico

Lightico is an award-winning SaaS platform that enables businesses to accelerate their customers’ travel through automated workflows. With Lightico Digital Completion Cloud., Companies leverage codeless workflows to easily collect customer signatures, documents, and payments, and verify identity in real time – directly from the customer’s smartphone. By integrating the previous steps of customer-facing processes, businesses enjoy faster and faster sales and service cycles, boost NPS, and significantly improve their completion rates. Hundreds of companies, including Fortune 500 companies in highly regulated industries such as finance, insurance and telecommunications, rely on Lightico to make their customers’ travel more efficient and improved.

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